Wholly owned subsidiary of AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. 

Located in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG Vanadium (AMG V) is the global leader in the environmentally responsible management and reclamation of spent refinery catalyst and other vanadium-bearing secondary raw materials. The largest full metal recycler of spent catalyst in the world, our proprietary roasting and pyrometallurgical operation yields no process wastewater, has the lowest overall solid, air and water emissions in the industry, and has the highest conversion to saleable products ratio (>99%) in the industry. Through this environmentally beneficial conversion of waste materials into valuable products, AMG V provides an important solution and risk mitigation for global refineries. 

AMG Vanadium produces two primary products:  ferrovanadium (Ferovan®) and a ferronickelmolybdenum alloy (FeNiMoly®), which are marketed and sold to the carbon and stainless-steel industries. Our Ferovan® product improves the strength of steel by as much as 40% and is used by steel producers in high strength low alloy applications for infrastructure (i.e. rebar and bridges), automotive, aerospace, energy, and national defense. We are the largest domestic producer of ferrovanadium, making southeastern Ohio the vanadium capital of the United States.  

Committed to improving the environmental footprint of our world, our manufacturing process generates about 80% less carbon dioxide emissions annually compared to a primary mining and processing operation. 

Driven by growth in resid spent catalyst generation and increased demand for responsible reclamation of that spent catalyst, in June 2019, AMG Vanadium announced a $300M investment to build a second spent catalyst recycling and ferrovanadium production facility in Zanesville, Ohio. This expansion will essentially double our capacity and bring an additional 100 new jobs to southeastern Ohio.

Our Company values are deeply rooted in a commitment to safety, environmental excellence, integrity, respect, and value creation…for our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and the communities in which we operate. With deep roots in southeastern Ohio dating back to 1952, AMG Vanadium is committed to our heritage and the region in which we operate, striving to add value and stimulate a better quality of life through our philanthropic outreach to the community, civic organizations, and secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. 

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