About Ohio MEP 

The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), part of the NIST-MEP National Network and Ohio Development Services Agency, helps Ohio’s small and medium-sized manufacturers to increase sales, create jobs and generate cost savings through technological innovation, workforce training and improved management practices. Together, we want to establish Ohio as a nationally preeminent center for manufacturing growth, where jobs are being created, new products are being designed and produced, and the value of companies is increasing. A healthy manufacturing sector is essential to the economic vitality of our state, so we provide direct consulting services to manufacturing companies with up to 800 employees. These hands-on consulting services provide a disciplined approach to managing innovation and sustainable growth through ideation, workforce development, new product development, and support services to ensure that client companies are connected to best-in-class resources from around the state. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are critical to Ohio, representing 90% of job growth for high-paying jobs. For every new manufacturing job that is created or retained, three to five supporting jobs are also created.  

The Ohio MEP program has six centers throughout the state. As consultants to small- and medium-sized manufacturers, the Ohio MEP works with hundreds of manufacturers annually, with impacts reported directly to NIST by the clients themselves. In the last few years, Ohio MEP’s clients generated $1.83 billion in new or retained sales, attracted $743 million in new investments, retained or created 14,741 jobs, and saved $156 million in unnecessary costs. 

In essence, Ohio MEP helps Ohio’s 31,800-plus small- and medium-sized manufacturers make their products better, faster, and cheaper than the competition. Companies seek out their local Ohio MEP Center when they have a particular issue with a product or material in their production process, or need help innovating their products, processes, or workforce training.  Our engineers and advisors work to solve the problem and reach out to their provider network – a vast collection of federal labs, subject matters experts, universities, and more – should additional technical support be needed.  Each Center has their own specialties, all coordinating to serve the state’s manufacturers with services that include: 

  • New Product Development 
  • Industry 4.0 Technology Adoption 
  • Specialized Consulting and Certifications, like ISO, FSMA, AS9100, and more 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Startup/Entrepreneurship Support 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • And much more! 

The Ohio MEP Centers pride themselves on offering “holistic” consulting services: hands-on technical assistance that affect all aspects of a company’s growth and development. Moreover, because clients grow and change over time, our assistance also evolves with the client’s needs. We engage partner organizations both state- and nationwide to help with technical challenges: from federal labs like NASA Glenn Research Center and America Makes, universities like Case Western Reserve University and The Ohio State University, and private subcontractors – to assist with client projects. 

As a statewide network with over 30 years of experience, we have one goal: to help your company grow and thrive!