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The Central Ohio Manufacturing Partnership (COMP) is a manufacturing-led ‘industry sector partnership’ that was created to solve the common workforce training, retention and recruitment challenges of its participating member manufacturers.

COMP is led by employers, focused on manufacturing, is regional, and is convened by a neutral intermediary.

The mission of the Central Ohio Manufacturing Partnership is to create a connected system to supply manufacturers with qualified talent.

Through COMP, manufacturers within the central Ohio labor market work together to: 

  • Identify and collectively address their common workforce issues, challenges and opportunities; 
  • Address current and emerging skill gaps, both short- and long-term;
  • Engage directly across traditional boundaries;
  • Align the programs, education/training curriculum and other resources of the suppliers who serve them; and their workforces
  • Communicate industry priorities to policymakers and workforce development partners so that they can design responsive solutions.


  • Decrease recruitment and training costs
  • Create a pipeline of future employees
  • Improve perception of manufacturing jobs & careers in central Ohio
  • Participate in the development of strategy, goals, and direction for COMP
  • Meet regularly with peers to assess progress on goals and action plans
  • Work with education and training providers to customize programs and training
  • Take ownership of manufacturing workforce challenges